Komphela Urges SA Clubs to Boost Football Standards

Coach Steve Komphela appeals to South African clubs, urging a shift in their playing style to enhance the country's football standards.


Many teams in South Africa currently adopt an outdated approach, characterized by direct play, counter-attacks, low-block defending, and reliance on crosses.


Chippa United coach Morgan Mammilla disclosed a few months ago that the team is experimenting with new strategies, aiming to emulate the approach of the English Premier League side Brighton and Hove Albion in a quest to enhance the club's performance.


Komphela emphasizes the need for South Africa to embrace modern football, emphasizing building from the back. 


He perceives a challenge in the slow and reluctant nature of South Africans to adopt change.


Swallows this season is attempting a shift, building from the back, yet they are in the process of refining and striking the right balance in this new approach.


“My biggest question to us as a nation as South Africans, are we ready to adapt? We are reluctant, South Africans are not quick to adapt to trends of modern football,” said Steve Komphela.


“We tend to be rigid and we are stuck in old ways even if [football] it’s moving.

“We’ve got to move fast if we have to improve the game. Not only players, not only coaches, not only the wonderful people sitting on couches in front of me in terms of educating people [journalists].”


Komphela cited examples of modern football teams for SA clubs to follow.


“If you look at Mamelodi Sundowns you will learn a lot when they build, if you look at Orlando Pirates you will learn a lot when they build, when you look at Manchester City you will learn a lot, when you look at Brighton and Hove Albion you will learn a lot,” he added.

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